Friday, February 4, 2011

Things I Love

The past couple of weeks have been very hectic with work (with no end in sight).  I have been trying VERY hard to keep family time as family time and not more work time, but I honestly haven't stopped to really enjoy my family time.  I'm there physically, but my mind is thinking about everything else I probably should be doing.

Well, this morning kind of changed me.  My baby got up around 6 and I fed him, then put him in his swing while I showered and got ready.  As I was getting ready he just sat there and smiled at me, cooed and blew raspberries.  It was the sweetest, most adorable sounds I have ever heard.  T is a very happy baby, and he's does this every morning and evening, but I haven't stopped and actually relished the moment for several weeks.

Then, making my morning even more incredible, D came running in the bathroom and about knocked me over with his hugs.  Again, this is something he does most mornings, but for whatever reason, this morning I needed to be reminded just how much these 2 little boys love me and that everything will be okay. 


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