Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's A Wash

I must confess, I've had this laundry room done for about a week, but haven't gotten around to showing you the pictures.

Let's go back to a few weeks ago when the laundry room looked like this:

I was itching to paint and stencil and add a little modern flair to our home that is mostly traditional country.  Sounds a little funny, doesn't it?  Traditional- country.  What is that, you ask?  Well, it's a mish mash of rustic, cabin-y,  and traditional lines and colors.  I do like a lot of straight, clean lines, so you could say it's touch of contemporary, traditional, and if that isn't a contradiction!

Anyway, I wanted this room to be a little different than the rest in our home.  I really despise the size of this room as a laundry room.  It's very difficult to move around in so I wanted to do something that made me like the room a little more....not necessarily "like" doing laundry. :)

So I painted the wall that you see from the kitchen.  I've got 2 of the other walls that you can't really see stenciled, but I haven't painted it yet....I'm going to live with it for a bit and decide if I think it's worth the time to paint the rest.  It's a very time consuming process and I'm afraid I will get tired of the pattern faster than I can paint the entire room.

So here is the after. 

I wanted to add some baskets to help hide some of the visual clutter.  I am thinking about removing the cabinet above the washer and put in open shelving.  I think it will actually provide more storage than what's currently available.  We're trying to save up for some storage for the kids toy room and a really rockin' vacation this summer (we need it), so the shelving is low on the list of priorities.

I made the sign this past weekend.  I found the quote on a sign in Country Sampler magazine, but I didn't really like the style of the sign and it was too expensive for something I could easily recreate.  I used my Silhouette to cut the words out in cardstock, then traced them onto the canvas and painted.  I love the quote, it's so true to my life filled with boys!

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Becky said...

That stencil is SO cute and the blue is so calming for a laundry room! What a big improvement to your laundry. It must make it more fun to do laundry! If you love to organize, please stop by for even more inspiration! I'd love to have you!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

The Domestic Chick said...

The walls are so creative! Was the project time consuming? The cute little sign you made is such a nice touch!

Great Work!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

What a great way to make laundry a little more tolerable! Looks fantastic.

~The Bargain Babe said...

I love the sign you made!

Ange (Love From My Kitchen) said...

Love your stenciled wall! I just did one myself for a closet office. :) I only did one wall because like you, I wasn't sure it was worth the extra time/work/effort. Your sign looks great too!

Judy said...

I'm really loving the stencil. It looks really amazing. It makes the room. I linked over from Just a Girl. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and follow me back at

Heather@The Black's Best said...

I love your cute sign and the stenciled wall do. The blue color is so much fun too!

Samantha said...

Hi. My name is Samantha from An Organised Mum blog. I saw you partook of the 21 day challenge from 'A bowl full of lemons' and just wanted to let you know I am continuing organising challenges for anyone who is interested. Please check it out at
I am following you.

iheartorganizing said...

Wow! I have been there, stenciling can be SO time consuming, but I think it looks incredible!

Thanks for linking up and sharing with me!


Wanting What I Have said...

LOVE your stencil/painted wall AND the sign you've got hanging there!! Adorable! Well done!

Kathryn Franks said...

What is Silhouette? and how do you trace it onto the wood?

Mishelle said...


I was wondering if you'd ever consider making/selling another one of those signs? It is SO cute and I would love to buy one from you if you'd be able to or want to make another one. You can email me at

Thanks, Mishelle

Colorado Oldroyds said...

I too would pay for you to make me one of those signs! So cute! I found it on Pinterest and desperately;) want to hang it in my twin boy nursery! While there are other versions of this quote, your sign is the cutest one I've seen! Let me know:

Thanks, Lyndsie

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