Friday, December 31, 2010

Boy's Cabinet

Well I know that Toni over at Bowl Full of Lemons hasn't officially started her 21 day challenge yet, but I couldn't hold off conducting a little re-org on the boy's cabinet in the kitchen.  It was driving me a little batty. 

My husband ran to the store this morning while I stayed back with the boys and cleaned in preparation for more house guests this weekend.  Well on his list was more baby food for T.  This little guy is a chunk. I don't call him my Chunky Monkey for nothing!  Anyway, the hubs bought several jars and the cabinet where we keep all of T's formula and D's cups was jam packed.  Like you have to duck-when-you-open-the-door packed.

Cups are thrown in, with the lids in one of 3, count 'em 3, baskets!  I mean seriously.

So I proceeded to pull everything out of the cabinet.  I hate to admit it, but some stuff has been in there since D was a baby (he's 3 now).

And this what it looks like now:

Top shelf holds straws, extra formula, vitamins and extra nipples (sizes the little man is not ready for just yet).

Middle shelf holds all of D's cups.  The blue bowl contains all of the lids for his sippy cups.  I used a small shelf organizer to help maximize the space.
Bottom shelf holds all of T's formula, baby food and spoons (because big man, D, uses big boy spoons and forks!).  And yes, of course the pink and purple spoons are showing.  We don't get too caught up in the fact that our boys are using pink and purple spoons.  They will never know....unless they read this post in the next 3-5 years! :)

Well off to finish some last minute picking up before the in-laws arrive.  Happy New Year to all!



Casey said...

I have one son with a cabinet that looks about as good as yours did before you organized it. Sad thing is, he's got just as much stuff as both of your boys. I like the way you organized the bottom shelf with one basket. It looks very tidy. :)

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