Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gift Idea for Moms

With the official start to Christmas shopping on the way, I'm sure many of you are starting to make your lists and check them twice.  I wanted to pass along a quick idea for a new mom (or any mom) on your list.

I ran across this book several months ago and thought it was great.  It's called a "One Line a Day".  The premise is to write down one line a day, every day, for five years.  It's available several places, but I got mine from Amazon.
One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book (Five Year Memory Book)

I bought one for each of my boys.  Currently, I only write in my 3 year old's because even though the baby changes every day, I keep track of the major milestones (rolling over, crawling, etc) in his baby book.  I like having this for my three year old because he amazes me every day with a new saying.  For example, the morning he said "Let's rock 'n roll" as we got ready to leave the house.  Or last night when he told me that he "was going to find a girl like me when he got bigger".  I just love reading these adorable quotes.  And since our family lives 4 hours away, it's a great reminder to tell the grandparents when we have our weekly chats.

Another idea for this book (or a journal) is to start it freshman year of high school.  You can write down all the little accomplishments (like getting an A on a trig test, scoring a goal in football) as well as thoughts for the recipient, then give it to them as a graduation present.

There are so many possibilities for this book.  I love mine and I'm sure any new mom would love it too!


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