Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Organized Desk

Okay, so I'm starting out a little on the small side.  Baby steps, right?

This is my desk and office for work.  I work full time, but I'm home-based.  It's in our newly finished basement (which is still a work in progress, but I have big plans for it).

So it's not quite as bad as it usually is.  See, I just got this big, honking monitor from work.  (thanks entirely to my lovely co-workers who felt so bad that I worked off the tiny laptop monitor)  And since I had to make room for this big, honking piece of electrical equipment, my desk got cleared and all of the clutter got moved to everywhere it shouldn't be.

A little tour of what my desk currently comprises of:
a) big, honking monitor
b) laptop and docking station
c) phone
d) keyboard, mouse and wrist thingy to help with the carpal tunnel (it's seen better days so a new one is in my future)

You may notice the pictures on the desk.  I used to use this as my craft table (before I went home based) and several years ago the hubs got a piece of plastic to cover the desk and keep it nice while I crafted away.  I decided it was a little ho-hum so I added pictures underneath.  I've just left there because it keeps from having numerous picture frames on my desk of my chit-lins (although, now that I take notice, there aren't any pics of the chit-lins. I will be changing that!).

The green "shelf" was a little thriftiness.  I raided my husbands wood pile from the many remodeling projects we've completed around the house and painted it with spray paint.  (Krylon-Avacado).

I originally used a shoe organizer, but my docking station didn't fit under the first shelf and it made my monitor too high.  So much so that it was giving me headaches.  Going out and buying one wasn't really an option and most of them look so industrial and "office-y" that I just decided it best to make one.  I mean how hard can it be?

So the hubs came through and put this shelf together for me.  I could have done it, but I tend to not measure correctly/precisely and they just end up unlevel.  But maybe I'll get better! 

To get started decluttering and organizing, I first cleared everything off and cleaned the desk and chair with Shaklee Basic H. 

Have you guys tried Shaklee yet? It is awe-some.  I'm all about the non-toxic, green movement..and it's economical.  I've thought about trying to sell it on the side, but honestly, a girl can only take on so much!

Next, the fun part! I went through everything and organized.  I sorted, purged, and stored until I came up with this:


(Notice the Kenny sign?  Told ya I'm a little in love with him!)

Ahhhhh...a little order in the office!


Anonymous said...

great job! and baby steps are the only way to go!

also, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! im going to add you to my blog roll, so better keep it up! check me out at

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