Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 14 - Bathroom Cabinets

Okay, so it is a good thing Toni gave us this challenge today because I told you back on Day 4 that I was going to tackle my master bathroom armoire.  Then came this burning desire to paint the coat closet and the laundry room.  So this went further and further down the list.

But it's not escaping my wrath tonight!

Here was the before underneath our master bathroom sinks:

We pretty much just threw stuff in the cabinet after we completed our remodel.  We always seem to try to finish everything up the day or two before we have house guests.  Which means we are running around trying to clean things up and sometimes stuff gets shoved in the most opportune places....much to my dismay!

Not much really changed here, however, guess what I found hiding out this cabinet?  My dolphin necklace my high school boyfriend (who is now my husband) got for me when he visited Germany the summer between our Junior and Senior year in high school.  This has been missing for at least 3 years and I was sick thinking I had lost it in our multiple moves across STATES....but there it was....just sitting in a ziploc in the back of my master bathroom cabinet.  I have NO idea how or when it got there.  The hubs is putting our 3 yr old to bed (usually my job unless D gets into trouble as he did tonight), otherwise I would have went whooping and hollering down the hall!  I really cannot believe I found it...this organization challenge ROCKS! :)

Okay, so back to the afters.

Sorry for the black paint.  I was going to put contact paper down, but I just ran out of steam for tonight.  I did find some really cute contact paper for under the kitchen sink (which I'll share on another day soon), but this bathroom will just get boring 'ole white.

And if you remember this terrifying site.

Here it is now.  It actually is a lot better and I did throw a bunch of stuff out.  I just have too much.  Hair products and make up are to me like shoes are to other women.  I have way more than I need, but I can't stop buying more.  Guess no one really is perfect.  Bummer.

 Top shelf holds all of our travel items.  We do travel quite a bit either for our jobs or to visit family, so this much space really is necessary.

Middle shelf holds all of our my stuff like hair products, lotions, hair dryer,etc.

Towels and some medicine
Feminine needs and TP- the necessities!
Well a few more items checked off the mile long To Do list and an ecstatic Mrs. ALO for finding my necklace!  Whoo-hoo!
So how about you?  Have you discovered any long lost treasures during this challenge?


Patty said...

Hi Lindsay, great job! I don't know if you can call it a treasure, but I found a vintage Sears mini hair dryer that my hubby's grandmother had given us years ago. It's going to Goodwill ;)

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