Friday, January 7, 2011

Day #5 - Under the Kitchen Sink

Did you think I dropped off the wagon?  Nope, I did complete my task for Day 5, I just didn't get a chance to post it.

This one was definitely one of the top areas I HAD to tackle.

Proof it needed help:

Ridiculous, right!  It had been bothering me for a long time, but then I signed up for the challenge and just hoped it would be covered...and Toni didn't disappoint.

I took everything out and cleaned.  I debated if I wanted to put shelf liner down or not, but honestly, I haven't found any that I like and I definitely wanted something a little jazzier than no shelf liner right now, but if I find what I'm looking for....look out!

I grabbed up all of my baskets (I always have a stash of them around) and went to work going through everything and grouping like items together.  I've recently discovered Shaklee products and LUUUVV them!  I haven't been disappointed yet.  You will notice there are still other products under the sink as well that are non-Shaklee, but I will most likely be getting rid of them.  I'm just hanging on (gasp, I know) until I am convinced that my Shaklee products can do that job- and do it better.  I promise, give me 3 more months!

My fire extinguisher - gotta have it handy!  "Safety First," as D says.  Next to it are all of my Shaklee products.  I'm headed to Wal-Mart later today to pick up some organizers for the door.  These products will go there so they are easy to grab.

All of my dish washing (hand and dishwasher) soap are in the white basket.  I previously used the Wal-Mart brand dishwasher detergent (in the glass canister), but am converting to Shaklee.  I've used ALOT less per load and it's better for my family and the environment. 

In the back I used a wire shelf to put some of my other cleaners that I'm converting away from. (NOTE: I am not converting away from the Febreeze.  I love the fall scent and use it year round!) :)

Notice that I've put all of my Shaklee in front?  Again, if it's easy to grab, then it will be the first my husband or I will grab and we'll soon forget all about those 'other' products!  Sneaky, sneaky! ;)

Stay tuned for the final reveal once I feel it's complete!

Also, a quick update on my Master Bath armoire.  The project began Wed night and I got about halfway finished, but ran out of steam.  I will get it finished and will post pictures when it's complete, too.


Sally said...

Great job! I love my Shaklee. :) Now following.

trifitmom said...

love it. i just started selling shaklee b/c i was so happy with the results !

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