Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day #4 - Linen Closet

First, you may have noticed a small change over here.  I came across a new blog with lots of really cute free templates (the link is at the very top of the page in case you are interested in checking them out). Since I seem to be sprucing up everything around my home, I figured I might as well spruce up my virtual home too!  Everyone is already decorating and crafting for Valentine's day, but I just am not ready to give up on my winter decor yet.

Now, onto the challenge of the day, the Linen Closet.  Again, Toni must know that I've returned to work and don't have as much "free" time because I recently went through my linen closet upstairs and did some organization.

Here is the before, not too bad, but always room for improvement.

In order to not waste an opportunity to declutter, I did get rid of the rugs that were thrown in the bottom and even managed to find an extra almost-full bottle of liquid hand soap (one less trip to store this week!).

And now, with a little order:

I put all of the sheets in a basket back when I did my original organization.  It's great for transporting to the various rooms or floors of the house when we have a house full of guests.  They tend to disperse, so this is great for me to pick up and take along to make 'beds' whether that is an air mattress or couch.

This plastic 3-drawer container was used previously in my craft area, but since we did our basement remodel, I now have lovely cabinets to hold all of my crafting goodies.  Not wanting to trash wonderful storage, I've put it to use in the closet.  One drawer holds washcloths for adults and the other for the kids.  The bottom one holds odds and ends like bottles of liquid hand soap, peroxide, etc.

Now, if I have time tonight, I so want to tackle this mess.

Wow, it's disgusting how much dust has collected in there!  We don't have a closet in our Master Bathroom, instead we have this big armoire.  It's big and it's messy!


Anonymous said...

Well done.

Amanda said...

great job! love your little linen closet!

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