Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day #8 - Coat Closet

Howdy!  It's about time I got this done.  I decided to really tackle my coat closet...I mean REALLY tackle it.  We have a spot in our kitchen that we drop our everyday shoes, jackets, etc.  It's kind of a small mud room/space, but we enter and leave through the garage which is right off the kitchen, so it made the most sense.  Our "official" coat closet is next to the front door, but again, we don't use it that much so it's primarily been used to store jackets and out of season shoes as well as extra TP and paper towels.  I can assure you it hasn't been really evaluated since we moved in...ummm....almost 3 years ago. 

Proof this has been very neglected, I found:
- my prom dress from senior year (why exactly have I moved it across 3 states and not bothered to get rid of it before now...I have NO idea!)
- a nice steel pot
- a baby carrier (like a Baby Bjorn).  I could have totally used that baby carrier the past 4 months.  I didn't even know I had it! 

So I removed EVERYTHING, cleaned and painted the closet with some paint I had on hand. I was going to get really ambitious and stencil a pattern on the back, similar to what Jen did over at I Heart Organizing, but I decided the returns weren't worth the investment.  I'll save this idea for another area in the home.

So here is the big reveal....

Oh my gosh, space!

A good place for the vacuum instead of just shoved in!  Hats, gloves all sorted by person.  Labels will be added, but for now, it's organized.

I had this bushel basket in the basement and thought it was a fun way to store the paper towels.  Sure is an upgrade from a diaper box!

I want to do something fun with the TP too, but I haven't came up with anything I like yet, so for now they are just stacked next to the paper towels.


What do you think?  Was it worth the effort to paint?  I sure think it was...I love it!


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